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Welcome to Graphs for Genealogists. Genealogy data is complex. Typical pedigrees have many branches. In graph terminology we would call the pedigree ancestors "nodes" and the lines between them "edges" or relationships. But these people nodes are connected to families, places, events and their friends, associates and neighbors (FAN groups). The facts about people and events are linked to documents and they, in turn, to libraries, archives or court houses. Relationships between people can be complicated and difficult to represent in usual genealogy charts without crossing or tangled lines. Consider second cousins, a widowed man marrying his deceased wife's sister, the spot of a home changing counties or DNA haplogroups not obviously on the same branch.

A native graph database is well suited to handle the many types of graphs encountered by genealogists. We provide users with access to Neo4j which is a state of the art native graph database. Neo4j allows us to provision a database just for you or persons you authorize.

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